April 23, 2019

How to hang pictures (without damaging the walls) 

Whether you are part of Vancouver’s infamous rental market or you own your own home, you are probably keen to hang artwork on your walls without leaving big holes. This can be easier said than done! Renters might fear the wrath of their landlords if they sink anchors and drill holes in the walls, and home owners might be reluctant to damage their property. Do either of these predicaments sound familiar?

As affordable movers in Vancouver, we get this question all the time – how do I hang pictures without any damage? No matter where you are moving in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, we have some cheap and easy tips that can help you hang your pictures.

Super light weight? Skip the tacks for blue tack 

Are you hanging simple paper posters in your kids’ rooms or rec room? If they posters don’t have frames, skip the thumb tacks and forget about the pins. They might leave tiny holes, but on the fragile edges of posters, they can end up needing 20 or 30 small holes over time. Those add up! Skip the tacks and choose sticky adhesive tack, found easily at any Shoppers, grocery store or Staples. Just remember to remove it carefully, as it can leave traces of colour behind.

Adhesive is your friend 

The next step up from blue tack is adhesive picture hanging strips. Made by 3M, these are actually quite remarkable and work really well for items up to about 10 pounds in weight. Framed photos, family pictures, artwork and textile wall hangings can all be hung with 3M adhesive.

Their Command brand makes a whole series of super tough Velcro strips and hooks that can handle even fairly heavy objects. Just be sure to follow the directions for the best results. Best of all, they remove from the wall with no residue or discoloration.

Invest in the Takker

While you might have to pay for the shipping from the UK to Canada, the best product we have found has got to be the Takker. Described as a ‘no nails hanging system,’ these tiny nails leave behind a very small hole and can hold up to 30 pounds of weight! The system includes a gun and 20 takks, but you can always order refill takks.

The most amazing part of this product is that it can be used on seriously tough surfaces, including cement, brick and hard walls. It allows you to hang even the heaviest mirrors and art work without worrying about it coming crashing to the ground. No more drywall anchors!

If you have any other questions about transporting or hanging your valuable artwork, pictures, mirrors and textiles, please feel free to give us a call. The team here at All City Movers has extensive experience moving and hanging pictures, and we can help you with any questions.


April 20, 2018

10 tips for moving in the rain

Nothing feels worse than waking up on the morning of your move and seeing that it is pouring outside. When it comes to moving in Vancouver (or anywhere in the Lower Mainland or on the Island), this is sadly something most of us have dealt with.

When you’re moving in Vancouver, you’ve got to be prepared for rain. That is why we have compiled this easy list of 10 tips that will help you move like a pro in the rain.

1. Stock up on Garbage Bags.
The team at All City Movers swears by Costco sized supplies of garbage bags. They serve many purposes. You can make them into make shift ponchos (not the most fashionable, but effective!). You can also cover your electronics with them, and use them to protect paper. All of your valuables should be in garbage bags when you’re moving in the Vancouver rain.

2. Shrink wrap is your friend
Plastic wrap your wooden furniture, mattresses and luggage in order to prevent water damage.

3. Hire professional movers and packers
Professional movers and packers in Vancouver know all about moving in the rain. We have handled this issue countless times, and we will make sure that your belongings arrive safe and free from water damage.

4. Shorten distances when possible
On the day of the move (or the night before), stack all of your boxes in the foyer, covered porch or garage. This shortens the distance that you and your movers will have to traipse through your home with wet shoes.

5. Take cover
If you have a pop up events tent or even just a tarp, set up a covered path from the front door to the truck. This will offset a lot of the rain and make the day easier for everyone.

6. Cardboard mats prevent slipping and falls
Carrying a heavy box on a slippery floor? That can be a recipe for disaster. Make makeshift non slip mats out of broken down cardboard boxes and lay them on the main path your movers are using.

7. Start with plastic and rubber
Can’t wait for a break in the rain? Prioritize your items and start with waterproof things first. Rubbermaid tubs, plastic bags, garden furniture etc.

8. Don’t pack the towels!
Keep your towels on hand (maybe not your best ones…) for a rainy day move. You can use your towels to dry wet items as you go, and your movers can use them to dry their hands and wipe water out of their eyes.

9. Dress for the weather
Cotton t shirt, sweatpants and jeans? Maybe not the best outfit for moving in the rain. You’ll want to be decked out in waterproof shoes, rain jackets and hoods (ideally with a rain wicking brim).

10. Unpack as quickly as possible
If your boxes have been compromised by the rain, you need to get them unpacked as soon as possible. Books left in a damp box for days and weeks can get moldy, mildewy and warped. Your electronics and appliances can be completely ruined. Get them out in the open and dry as soon as possible.


April 2, 2018

What should I pack first?

We’ve all been there – shown up to our friend’s place in Vancouver to help them move, only to find out that they haven’t packed a thing. Now it’s the morning of the move and everyone is scrambling to shove things into random boxes! Don’t be like this friend – when your movers arrive, it’s always a good idea to be fully packed. But you might be stuck – what should you pack first?

Now, if you are really dreading the task, no worries. All City Movers offers a full packing service in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We expertly pack your things with care so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

However, if you want to tackle the task on your own, we want to share some Vancouver moving help. Here are some top tips for what you should pack first.

Make a plan

As with any task, it’s always a good idea to have a plan written out. Consider writing this plan on a whiteboard, or you could make an excel spreadsheet. Anything that clearly lays out exactly what you need to pack, and sets out a timed deadline for when you need to do it.

Get rid of it

What is the ‘it’ in the sentence above? Everything you don’t use, want or need! Before you start packing, start sorting and get rid of everything that you haven’t used in 6 months to a year. Make three piles – sell, donate and trash. You can make a surprising amount of money selling your old electronics and clothes on eBay and Craigslist. Make that money!

Get your supplies sorted

Before a single book or pot ends up in a box, you’re going to need the boxes! Head to local BC Liquor stores and grocery stores to ask them if you can have some empty, clean boxes. Can’t find any that work for you? You can buy great boxes and supplies – the team here at All City Movers is happy to help you. You’re also going to need bubble wrap, newspapers, packing tape and thick markers.

It’s time to get packing!
There is no simple answer to what is best to pack first, but you should carefully think about what you use least. Personally, we think that books are the best candidate! For the sake of your back (and your movers!), pack books into small boxes (rather than filling the biggest boxes). If you only have medium boxes, fill half with books and half with bedding, clothing or other light objects.

Don’t forget a ‘go bag’

When you spend your first night at your new place, your possessions are going to be scattered around in boxes. Make sure you pack a bag of essentials – your important personal documents, medications, toiletries and a few changes of clothing. You’ll be happy you did when you can find the things you need easily!

If you have any questions about your upcoming move in Vancouver (and anywhere in the Lower Mainland, including movers in Richmond, Surrey and Abbotsford) feel free to give us a call or email. We’re always happy to help.


February 23, 2018

The best ways to pack common household items

Whether you have lived in your Vancouver area home for a few years or many decades, you have probably acquired more stuff than you planned. When it comes time to move, all of these extra belongings can really add to your stress.

If you are planning to move, the way that you pack your possessions can make all the difference. Here is some important moving help that will make your Vancouver move so much easier. Try out these hacks for packing common household items.


Your kitchenware items are some of the most fragile – and most awkward – things in your home. If you want to protect your kitchenware and arrive to your new home with your plates, glasses and dishes in one piece, follow this advice.
Plates/Bowls: Individually wrap your plates and bowls in plastic bubble wrap (or other padding). Once this is done, stack them sideways in a sturdy box.
Cups and glasses: Nothing is worse than arriving to your new home to a box of broken glass! Head to your local BC liquor store of Cold Beer and Wine and ask for pre-divided boxes. These cardboard dividers will keep your wine glasses, tumbles and highball glasses safe and sound. (These boxes also work great for condiments, vinegars and oils).


We all have tons of electronics around our homes, and having to untangle a huge mass of cords and wires when you unpack is a nightmare. Make this task much easier by tying your cords together with bread tabs, zip ties or even hair elastics.

Want to keep your laptops, TV, speakers and other electronics safe during the move? Hire a Vancouver area moving company to help you with the process. Movers and packers will ensure that your expensive electronics arrive in perfect working order, undamaged and ready to switch on.


Dressers: When it comes to your dressers, you might be tempted to keep your clothing in the drawers. That said, your Vancouver movers will not appreciate this – empty your dressers and cabinets before the moving day.
Hangers: Don’t waste tons of times packing your garments individually – leave them on the hangers! All City Movers will bring wardrobe boxes with them to easily transfer all of your closet items from your old home to your new home. This will keep them protected and save you some packing time. Then, voila! Ready to hang in your new home.
Use clothes as packing materials: Use your soft clothing as an extra layer of padding around dishes, knick knacks and breakables.


December 3, 2017

Getting the kids involved – how your kids can help you pack and move

Moving in the Lower Mainland can be stressful, and when you have children of any age it can feel like an extra added weight on your shoulders. Whether your kids are little and constantly underfoot or they’re older and resistant to the move, trying to sort out your belongings and your family can be a challenge.

The best way to prepare your children for the move is to get them involved in the process. Encouraging them to be a part of ‘your team’ will hopefully make them feel more in control of their situation. It will also give them some much needed agency when they might feel a little off kilter. 

Telling them about the move 

It all starts with telling them about the move in a fun and sensitive way. Hold a family meeting and let them know that you are excited, and they should be, too. Highlight the reasons that the move is happening, and then focus on the new positives this will bring. You should also acknowledge their fears, and let them know it is ok to be sad or confused.  Use this book list to help show them that they are not alone. 

Let them choose their own packing materials 

Now that your kids know about the move, it is time to get them involved. Take a trip to Michaels or another local craft shop and let them choose sparkly markers, stickers, and colourful tape to customize their own boxes. You might also want to pick up a journal or diary that will allow them to record their feelings about the move.

Help them decide what to keep and what to give away

Your kids might be feeling nervous or uprooted, and this may make them want to hold onto all of their possessions more tightly than usual. Work with them to go through their toys and clothes in order to decide what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. Congratulate and reward them for their help and generosity.

Hire a Vancouver moving company to help with your move

Hiring a reliable and trusted moving company to help you with your Vancouver move is one of the smartest things that you can do. Not only will your moving day go so much smoother with professional help, but movers can help you with all of your children’s things.

Pack an essentials bag for the first few nights  

Those first few nights in a new place can be disorienting and scary, even for adults. Imagine what it might feel like for your little one – they might be excited, but they might also be worried and nervous. That is why it is especially important that they have a sense of security on the first night. Pack their comfiest pyjamas, favourite toys and books and anything else they might need for the first few days in your new digs.

Do you have any questions about moving with kids? Give All City Movers a call or email and we can talk you through it today.


May 23, 2017

8 things you need to know about moving to (or within) Vancouver

Whether you are moving to Vancouver from another city or you’re simply switching neighbourhoods, this city has its own quirks. Being new to an area can be confusing!

After your moving truck pulls away and your movers are finished unloading your belongings, it’s time to get out there and explore. Here are our top ten things that you need to know when you move in Vancouver!

1. Get involved – Whatever your hobbies were before you moved, it’s time to pick them up again! Stroll or drive through your new hood and check out the rec centres, yoga studios, comic book shops and artist’s studios.
2. Invite your friends – Vancouver is a world class destination, and your friends and family from across the country (and the globe) will want to come and visit. Start prepping that spare room (or sofa bed) now!
3. Have a look at your budget – It’s no secret that Vancouver can be an expensive city. Rent, groceries, going out – everything is a bit more spendy here than in other cities. Plan ahead, start a budget and look for ways to save money. The beauty makes it worth it, we swear!
4. Go on a tasting tour – Vancouver, New West, Port Moody and even Surrey are now home to dozens of microbreweries, and a craft beer tasting tour is a lot of fun. Don’t fancy beer? Take yourself on a tasting tour of the vibrant cuisine of Gastown and Chinatown!
5. Get outside – You’re in Raincouver now, and you can’t let the rain stop you from heading outside. Hop on your bike or lace up your runners – get out into the great outdoors.
6. Spend time at the beach – Vancouver’s coastline is stunning. Whether you are living in North Van, Surrey, White Rock or Port Moody, you can enjoy the beach no matter what the weather outside. In the summer, it’s perfect for swimming and tanning, and in the winter it’s a beautiful place for a walk.
7. Explore the diversity – From the colours of the Punjabi Market and Chinatown to the tragic history of Japantown, Vancouver’s diverse and historic ethnic enclaves are worth your time. Go munch on baklava in Greek Kitsilano, sing karaoke in the Korean bars of Robson Street and walk through the Italian history of Commercial Drive.
8. Embrace the Canucks – Vancouverites have a passion for their hockey team, the Canucks. Now, sometimes this has tragic and shameful consequences (ahem, the 2011 Stanley Cup Riots), but for the most part we just relish the game. Head to a local pub during playoffs to really experience the love!

Looking for a cheap and friendly mover to help you with your move to or within Vancouver? All City Movers is here to help. Call or email us today for a free, no obligation quote. Welcome to Vancouver!


May 11, 2017

6 things you can do to make your move go smoothly

Getting ready to move in Vancouver? If so, I don’t need to remind you of how stressful this can be! No one likes the moving process, but there are a few things you can do to make everything go smoothly.

If you are planning a move, hiring a cheap Vancouver mover is always the best way to go. The skilled and friendly guys at All City Movers will get your belongings to your new place safely and on time – and at a great price. We also have a lot of solid tips that will help you move house with the least stress possible.

1. Pack your boxes efficiently
Packing boxes can be a tedious task. It’s way easier to get everything sorted when you have all of the supplies on hand. Make sure you have boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and strong tape on hand before you get started. Pack heavy and/or breakable items in small, sturdy boxes. Big boxes should be filled with blankets and towels.
2. Create an “Important Stuff” Box that stays with you
Your most important small items should not be packed in boxes with everything else. They can get lost and cause you a real headache. Keep your most important things in a small box or backpack that stays with you – medical records, keys, jewellery, cash, medicines and any other documents that you value.
3. Get on track and get organized
Make sure you have a clear plan that helps you to manage your move. Consider using a series of checklists, timelines and task lists in order to ensure that nothing gets forgotten or left until the last minute.
4. Hire movers
A professional moving company will make your moving day 10 times easier than doing it with friends! It does not have to be expensive – you’d be surprised at how cheap a Vancouver mover can be. Save your stress – and your backache – and hire a mover.
5. Plan for moving day
Your moving day should be planned in advance so that everything goes smoothly. Make sure you have snacks, beer and water on hand for any helpers! Pack an overnight bag with everything you need for 24 hours so that when you get to your new place you can relax.
6. Get a good idea of your new layout
Before you or your movers unload your moving truck, take a careful walk through your new place to understand its layout. This way, you will have a good idea about where you want everything to go. At this point you can also lay down tarps and carpets to prevent footprints being tracked through your new place! After all, with the Vancouver rain, mud is always a problem!


April 4, 2017

Moving hacks – how to pack up your house like a pro

When you are getting ready to move in Vancouver, you have a lot on your plate. Finding an affordable place in this real estate market? It’s tough! With the stress of the market weighing on your mind, you might as well make packing a breeze!

The team here at All City Movers are packing experts. We want to show you our top 6 packing hacks so that your move goes smoothly. Once you’ve packed, hiring a cheap Vancouver mover is your next best bet. We are here to help, and we’ll get your belongings to your new address safely and on time.

1. A notebook is your friend
Whether you choose to buy a moving guide or simply make a list of all of the tasks that need to be done, a notebook is your best friend. Use one notebook to track your to-dos, write lists and check off completed tasks on a room by room basis.
2. Hire a good mover
Before you get too deep into your boxes, it’s a good idea to take some time to research reliable Vancouver movers and start calling around. A good moving company will provide you with a free, no obligation quote and will answer your questions. Once you hire a good mover, you can get back to the packing!
3. Sort your belongings
You do not want to cart old or unwanted belongings to your new home, so it makes good sense to get rid of them before your move. Before you start packing, divide your stuff into 5 categories.
Trash – Send this stuff to the garbage or the recycling bin
Donate – In good condition but you don’t want/need it? Donate to charity.
Sell – Some things can be sold on eBay or in consignment shops
Storage – No room for a family heirloom in your new place? Consider renting a storage space.
Keep – These are all of the things that are destined for your new home!
4. The right tools for the job
Packing up your house is not the time to skimp on supplies. While you can get some boxes from local stores, it is a good idea to buy new, sturdy boxes. Remember to use liberal amounts of bubble wrap to protect breakables! It’s also a good idea to invest in some high quality packing tape.
5. Small and heavy is better than big and heavy!
This might seem like a no brainer, but resist the urge to fill your biggest boxes with heavy belongings (such as books). Many small heavy boxes are better and more efficient than a few big and heavy ones!
6. Label, label, label!
Take the extra time to label your boxes with the room that they are destined for. For your own sanity, you should also make a note of exactly what is inside, and if these items are fragile.

Now that you have packed like a pro, it’s time to reach out to a reliable mover in Vancouver. Contact the reliable team at All City Movers for a free quote today.


March 26, 2017

5 things every good mover wants you to know

If you are getting ready to hire a mover in Vancouver, you probably have a lot of questions. How can you find a great mover who’ll travel to Delta, Surrey, Abbotsford or even Vancouver Island? We know that you have questions about hiring a good mover, and so we have compiled some important information that will help.

Here are 5 things that every good mover in Vancouver wants you to know:

1. Always finish all of your packing before moving day
We’ve all been there – the day of packing arrives and we’re not finished packing. When it’s just you and your pals, this is no big deal, everyone can pitch in. But when you have hired a mover, you should be ready in advance. When the moving truck arrives, it is better for everyone if the house is completely packed and ready to go. If the movers are standing around and waiting for you, it’s costing you money (and costing them time!).

2. Label boxes clearly with their destination
Labelling all of your boxes clearly with their preferred destination in your home makes good sense. It is important to label each box in order to tell your movers where in the home it should be placed. This is a good idea – it prevents you from having to assess each box and act as traffic director!

3. Empty all drawers and desks
You might think that packing your drawers and desks with clothes, books or bedding is a good space saving idea – but this is wrong. Completely empty all desks, bureaus, armoires and dressers in order to make them lighter. The lighter the furniture, the easier things will be for your movers. This will prevent damage to your belongings.

4. Keep cash, prescription medicines and jewellery with you
Do not absent-mindedly toss your valuables into a random box when packing! Misplacing your valuables will cause stress for both you and your movers. Keep all cash, medicines and important jewellery in a small bag on your person. This way, you will always know where they are.

5. Don’t disappear on moving day!
When your movers arrive, you need to give them some space so that they can do their jobs. That said, you don’t want to wander too far away! Stay close enough that your movers can find you when they have questions or need guidance. If you are popping to the store or leaving the property, tell them how to get a hold of you.

We know better than anyone that moving in Vancouver can be stressful – let us take that stress off of your shoulders. By following these savvy tips you can ensure that your moving day is smooth sailing.

Do you need more guidance? Have some questions about your Vancouver area move? Contact the expert team at All City Movers. We can help you prepare for your move and deliver your belongings for an affordable rate. Call or email us today and let’s get started.


March 9, 2017

How to find a good mover in Vancouver

Moving can be a really stressful experience if you aren’t well prepared. Boxes, clutter and packing tape can start to feel like your whole world! Finding an affordable place in Vancouver is hard enough – the moving itself shouldn’t drive you crazy.

Thankfully, finding a good mover in Vancouver doesn’t have to be part of this stress. Vancouver has many great moving companies that have lots of experience, great customer service and reasonable rates. Hiring a cheap mover in Vancouver can be easy – follow these top tips.

Why hire a mover?

Hiring a mover can help you to gain control of your life while you are in the process of changing houses. You don’t have to hassle your friends or bother your family. Hiring a reliable moving company means that your move will be seamless. You’ll save valuable time, and free up your attention for other important details.

A good mover will ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home on time and in good condition. They have all of the correct equipment for the job. Once you hire a professional mover to help you relocate, you’ll never go back. It’s simple, hassle free and affordable.

How to find a good mover in Vancouver

Ask friends and family for recommendations – Ask your friends and family if they have had any good experiences with movers in Vancouver. People that you trust are most likely to give you honest feedback.

Ask for a free quote – Any good mover will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Ask a few of the movers you have in mind to provide you with a free quote, and then compare the results.

Check online reviews and the BBB – While you may like the quote from a certain mover, the search isn’t over yet. Before you confirm with a Vancouver mover, you should check reviews online. Another good place to check is the Better Business Bureau. This will give you important information about the mover you have selected.

Make sure that they service the area that you need – If you are moving in the Vancouver area, check that your preferred mover services your new area. If you are moving to Delta, Surrey, Coquitlam or Richmond, most Vancouver movers can help. That said, if you are moving further away, you’ll need a mover that serves Kelowna, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary.

If you are looking for a Vancouver mover that ticks all of the above boxes, contact All City Movers today. All City Movers has glowing reviews and extensive experience. Call or email us today to arrange your free, no obligation quote. We’ll be happy to help you with all of your moving needs. You’ll be on your way to your new home with no hassle. Happy house warming!